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Although we're not an online tuition website, we do offer a selection of lessons to showcase our listed guitar tutors and give you a little something 'value added'.
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Alternate Picking Exercises In A Natural Minor [ Aeolian mode ]

Author - Mark Pitchforth
Ability - Intermediate / Advanced
Alternate picking exercises to help build coordination and accuracy between left and right hand.

Legato Patterns In A Natural Minor [ Aeolian mode ]

Author - Mark Pitchforth
Ability - Intermediate / Advanced
Build up that hammer-on and pull-off strength to help you get those fast licks going...

Barre Chords from a 6th String Root - Low E

Author - Mark Pitchforth
Ability - Beginner
How to play a selection of barre chords with the root note on the low E string.

2 Octave Major [ Ionian mode ] Scale Patterns

Author - Mark Pitchforth
Ability - Beginner / Intermediate
A number of major scale shapes in the key of A to help you understand how the patterns overlap.
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